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Friday, March 27, 2015

Building an online profile

In the world of real-estate you hear the phrase "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION". Because when your talking real-estate location is of upmost importance. In the adoption world when your talking profiles it's your PICTURES that grabs attention and tells your story. Be very selective about the pictures you use, especially for your main profile picture. It's best to use a professional paragraphed picture that has great lighting, is properly cropped, and is in focus. I know those may seem like no brainer tips, but you'd be surprised how many profiles don't meet that simple criteria.
Your first impression will most likely be made through your pictures. So make it a good one! After spending hours creating and recreating your letter to expectant moms don't make the mistake of just adding pictures as an after thought. Your main profile picture is often what grabs an expectant mom's attention and intices her into taking a look at the rest of your information. Tips: 1)Use photos that make a impact-Use large photos-It's much better to have a couple of really nice photos than a bunch of smaller photos. Stay away for collages, they are difficult to see and can become cluttered. 2)Make sure your Photos have good quality, high resolution, great lighting and are properly cropped. Show case you not the scenery. 3)Show your personality- Select pictures that show your personality and interests. Create a brief description under your photo. Don't miss the opportunity to share part of your unique story with your caption. Don't just state the obvious.
For personal consultation on your photos give us a call at 480-392-5723.

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